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Fluid Baker

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Fluid Baker

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Fluid Baker is Blender addon, it allows particle fluid surface baking (metaballs) for faster viewport updates and support of multiple modifiers on top of the fluid surface for more flexibility.


When simulating particles fluids, the cumbersome of computation time and viewport lag is always the tricky part. Currently there are two well-known ways to mesh the particles: metaballs, and the CubeSurfer addon.

Since both methods don't offer ways to store the generated mesh, the datas are calculated again and again at each frame change, wasting a huge amount of time when handling large amounts of particles.

This is where Fluid Baker is helpful. It stores the full mesh sequence into a single alembic file, then displays it instantly when playing the animation for a smooth previz experience.

And now that the metaball mesh is converted to a generic mesh, it makes possible to add modifiers, such as Smooth to improve the fluid look, or boolean to remove some fluid unwanted parts.


  • Place the downloaded .zip file anywhere.
  • In Blender, press Ctrl-Alt-U, Addons tab > Install from File
  • Navigate and select the .zip file
  • Click Install from File
  • Enable the addon checkbox if needed
  • Click Save User Settings

Meshing and baking the particles

  • Assign a metaball as dupli object to the particle system, or use the CubeSurfer addon
  • Hit T key in the 3d view to enable the tool shelf on the left, look for the Physic tab and the Fluid Baker panel
  • Click and select the metaball/isosurface object in the dedicated field
  • Click Export to generate the file
  • Click Import to import the generated file in the scene
  • Enjoy!

If necessary, you can press the Enable Isosurfaces and Enable Meta tickbox to show/hide the original non-baked objects.

Additionnally, you can use the Set All button to hide/reveal the particle systems in the viewport and rendering.

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